About Us

We are a small team of award winning and long serving development experts based in Surrey. Shoebox Designs is where art meets architecture.

We have over 10 years of experience leveraging strategic vision, business acumen, and artistic talent to deliver B2B and B2C projects. We love to provide design solutions, innovative ideas and marketing paths for all of our customers. Our day-to-day involves the smooth management of a pool of over 12 skilled technicians and designers to deliver your project in time and on budget.

Brian Everest

Brian Everest is a highly experienced draughtsman and Interior Designer, having honed his skills for over 40 years in the industry, his wealth of knowledge is extensive, his work ethic is meticulous and extremely organised. You can find us on Google maps.

George Ioannou

George Ioannou is an award winning Artist and Designer who has a particularly keen eye for detail, his earlier background as a Property Consultant gives George the insight to evaluate the project and deliver the most cost effective and economical solution to suit your individual requirements.